segunda-feira, março 14, 2005

O Principado "New Utopia"

Vale a pena visitar o Site deste "novo" País!
Entretanto deixo um pequeno resumo:
It is here, that New Utopia seeks to offer a renewal of options. Now we invest ourselves and our treasures in a new horizon, a new adventure, in a dream of free enterprise and to the gathering of like minded individuals.
We are those who seek higher aspirations. We will reach farther. We will take the risks and reap the rewards. We will see victims in the distance, the security minded, held captive by the welfare minded governments, who stifle the visionaries, the dreamers; the authors of the future. New Utopia is a dream come true for every businessman or woman whose operations are mobile enough to move. Even those who can't move their business interests will want to become a citizen now to insure themselves of a safe haven for the future.
First priorities must be to acquire international recognition and to attract and organize thousands of new citizens with commercial interests. We also must attract financial experts, brokers, business managers and bankers. In other words, we must organize others like ourselves; the individuals who have the brains, courage and talent to help build and benefit from being a part of our new city/state. We have the perfect location to assure our sovereignty., the incentive and the drive to succeed, and we will not fail

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TFF disse...

Belo país! Sim senhor